Top 5 HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks For HTML5 Powered Apps




Increase in demand of HTML5 Mobile User Interface Frameworks results into more number of HTML5-powered Apps. HTML5 Mobile UI frameworks are nothing but libraries that help developers to develop a professional grade user experience for applications.

html5 mobile UI framework

Such libraries include one or more than one files that written using JavaScript and CSS. That means such files are meant to be included in an HTML file. In this post, we have collected 5 outstanding HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks that help you for front-end web development. Even I think, you will have helpful tips to use app framework for developing HTML5 mobile app so found the best. Go through this post and gather essential information.

1st Kendo UI

Kendo UI Framework

Based on jQuery, Kendo UI is a commercial venture that supports the outstanding documentation and tools available for developers. Having Kendo UI’s theme builder, one can easily helps developers to cook up a custom color scheme for their UI.

HTML with class tags to run "widgets" are used in Kendo UI’s Mobile HTML5 library that delivers a set block of functionality. Using Kendo UI also allows changing its UI based on the platform for emulating the native aesthetic of an iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, or Blackberry device. The Hybrid App builder Icenium also uses it.

● HTML based

● Native look depending on mobile platform

● Fast with SVG support, plus fallback support for older browsers

● Complete package, framework, UI and MVC all in one

● Great documentation

● Great template system, themes are native like, depending on platform (iOS, Android …)

2nd Twitter Bootstrap 3

Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI framework

Twitter Bootstrap 3 is one of the latest in a series of HTML5 UI Frameworks that works well for desktop browsers as well as mobiles. This framework is based on manipulating HTML5 elements and delivering specific CSS styles to create an application.

The Twitter Bootstrap Website also allows developers to add customized style and JavaScript components for enhancing its functionality. One of the best things about Twitter Bootstrap 3 is it contains a distinctive "Web 2.0" look for giving modern and crisp look, however, it doesn’t support JavaScript scrolling or animated transitions.

● New design and an optional theme

● Rewritten JavaScript plug-ins

● Super-powered grid system

● Brand new Customizer

● Cross-Browser Compatibility

3rd TopCoat

TopCoat UI framework

Built by Adobe, TopCoat is a free HTML5 Mobile UI framework that relies on CSS libraries over JavaScript to deliver every developer’s requirements. This framework is much stylish from others and allows easy to build using HTML5 elements that delivers an edge in speed.

Those who are a fan of Adobe’s aesthetics won’t be disappointed by TopCoat. Moreover, it’s designed primary for desktop browsers, but also has a mobile stylesheet that contains larger touch targets for controls.

● Custom builds for themes and hacks

● Free HTML5 Mobile UI framework

● Social sharing icons for all of the major networks

● Mobile Stylesheet With Larger Touch Targets

4th jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile UI framework

jQuery Mobile is the most commonly used HTML5 Mobile UI Framework that provides a mobile user interface, reflecting the same aesthetic and usability of its desktop product although it is not really created for the mobile space.

This HTML5 Mobile UI Framework is simple to use as it is programmed by using HTML elements just like the previous two frameworks. jQuery Mobile also blessed with a large installed base that delivers help and sample code for latest projects.

● Incorporating predesigned layout, control, and widget elements

● Easy to learn and Quick to Iterate

● Avoid App Store Approval Madness & Debug Build Hell

● Cross-platform & cross-device compatible

5th Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch UI framework

Sencha Touch is better known for its high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework that delivers high-quality user experience. Sencha Touch enables developers to develop some outstanding apps for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc.

It delivers a unique take on HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks as it needs all UI code written in JavaScript. Sencha Touch also supports the Yahoo Query Language and its theme supports every popular mobile platform.

● Themes for every popular mobile platform

● Model–view–controller system

● Easily scales to different resolutions for maximum compatibility

● HTML5 and CSS3 allows higher flexibility

● 50 built-in components

Other than this, there are some other mobile application HTML5 frameworks that help to create marvelous application with lots of features, but this post came to its end. If you think I forget to something, let me know through comment section. You can also share your views as well.



  1. Hi Adam,
    I am not the most technical guy, but this was a great post. The world has gone mobile, and web apps and mobile apps with html5 should continue to do nothing but grow. Thanks for some great info here, it was fun to read and easy to understand.

    1. Welcome Tom to give some time to my blog post. I glad you find it interesting :)

  2. Another option is semantic-ui. I start using it after bootstrap, and it works very well, and is very easy to get rolled with the syntax.

    1. Thanks Aldo Mendez,

      Your suggestion semantic-ui is really works very well.

      I appreciate your co-ordination :)

  3. Thanks for some great info here, it was fun to read and easy to understand.

  4. Nice list, but you should also have InK - Interface Kit from SAPO ( ) in your list. They have a really cool set of features for mobile development, and if you check their "develop" branch at github ( ), they're working in a Major version (3.0) while maintaining the 2.x version. And this next version will have really really cool features :)

    1. Thanks Ricardo, I appreciate your co-ordination with valuable suggestion of Interface Kit. You can also be an author of this blog.

  5. Мобильное приложение для анонимных знакомств/ Mobile application for anonymous date

  6. I am really glad that you shared this post. I am really looking for this information. Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate you effort.

  7. HI, thanks for the list. but could you please elaborate based on what criteria you order them.

    1. Welcome,
      It was ordered based on efficiency.

  8. Its all awesome theme, this is good list and incredible layout.

  9. Wonderful blog.. Thanks for sharing informative blog.. its very useful to me..


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