Distinguishing Cloud Computing from SaaS Technology

Many people have the false notion that Cloud Computing and SaaS(Software as a service) are one and the same. There is no denying the fact that Cloud Computing and SaaS are related, however, they are still very distinct from each other. SaaS applications are basically end-user applications that are located outside the premises of users. Cloud Computing, on the other hand, enables you to rent computing infrastructure and services.

Let's Understand How Cloud Computing and SaaS are Two Different Concepts

The reason why Cloud Computing has become very popular in the past few years is that it saves huge business costs of buying your own servers, software licenses, installation, maintenance, etc. So, instead of investing hefty amount of money on on-premise hardware and software, you can simply choose to rent a cost-effective network of remote servers hosted on the Internet.

SaaS sits in the cloud to provide access to software applications not located on your premises.

The Takeaway: Cloud Computing is used by software developers, savvy computer users, application vendors and IT departments. Some popular examples of Cloud Computing are Microsoft's Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.com. SaaS is meant for people who use computer applications, such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Workday, Concur, Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco and WebEx. So, SaaS delivers software to an end user from a cloud environment, and is not the cloud itself.

The only similarity between SaaS and Cloud Computing is that they eliminate the need of buying on-premise software or hardware.

Since cloud computing sports more mass customization than SaaS, they don’t largely compete against each other. To better understanding, Cloud Computing is meant for high-end mass customization, whereas SaaS is more about low-end mass customization. Thus, chances are slim for Amazon AWS and Force.com to give each other run for their money.

The area where competition does exists between Cloud Computing and SaaS is components at each layer of the technology stack, ranging from storage to user interface. So, it won't be wrong to say that the duo actually compete on architecture.

The cloud offers IaaS(Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS(Platform as a service and comes in three forms: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrids clouds.

Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud
A public cloud is basically used by service providers to develop SaaS applications for end users. A private cloud is entails maintaining the services and infrastructure on a private network. Hybrid cloud offers a mix of public cloud and private cloud.
Public clouds, like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and IBM's Blue Cloud, are available at very economical prices since the provider covers the cost of hardware, application and bandwidth. Although private clouds are expensive, they are more secured than public cloud. There are two types of private cloud: On-premise private clouds and externally hosted private clouds. A hybrid cloud is the best for companies that want to avail the benefits of public cloud when they need it and move on to private cloud when the need arises to cut down the security risk.
Public clouds are not meant for every organization. Configuration, security, and SLA specificity are the major roadblocks for companies dealing with sensitive data. Private cloud provides a particular organization access to the computing infrastructure which is not shared with other organizations. Hybrid clouds enables to reduce the overall IT cost and build digital-ready infrastructure.

However, many people mistake SaaS for cloud offering, since they don’t know that SaaS is actually an offering on the cloud, not an offering of the cloud. So, one can use AWS servers for an online project management tools and other online businesses, which means software developers, application vendors, savvy computer users and IT executives are the ones who are supposed to deal with Cloud Computing services. Unlike Cloud Computing services, SaaS internet applications (google, flickr, facebook) are used by people or functional executives.

I hope the blog gives you explicit reasons why SaaS and Cloud Computing are different from each other. If you have ever availed cloud computing services or accessed SaaS applications and want to shed more light on them, please share your inputs in the comment box below.

10 Indian PSD To WordPress Conversion Service Providers

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the best open source content management system for developing website and blogs.

When developing a site, most of the people prefer to adopt WordPress as it provides seamless web experience. The WordPress development task doesn’t over here.

To grab users’ attention, one can have to install beautiful theme with excellent functionality. WordPress themes available on the Internet are not enough to fulfill needs and thus, the need of WordPress conversion service provider emerges.

In this post, we have listed top PSD to WordPress conversion service providers that offers fabulous conversion service.

Perception System

Perception System is an Indian WordPress development Company, having experience of completing 100+ projects of WordPress web development, including conversion, website launching, theme designing, plugin building, and so on.

PS has a dedicated team of WP programmers, who themselves updating with latest technologies and market trends to deliver instant and most advanced solution to their clients.


PixelCrayons is one of the best web development service providers, delivering WordPress Template with SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible functionality.

This company is better known for offering service at committed time frame and delivers 100% satisfactory result. Their PSD to WordPress conversion developers are dedicated to provide better results according to the requirements.


IndyLogix is another excellent web development Company, offering PSD conversion service through experienced professionals. This company was established in 2011 and has a team of experienced designers, web developers, and project managers, who complete client’s project on time.

WordPress India

WordPress India offers appealing websites loaded with excellent features within budget and a defined time period. This company has a highly qualified group of dedicated designers and developers, who have expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and other open source technologies.

CSS chopper

CSS chopper is one of the experienced WordPress development service providers. It offers conversion service on all design files such as JPG, GIF PSD, PNG, or any other format into the WordPress template. They have completed more than 1000 projects successfully by offering excellent and innovative solution at budget cost.

Excite Markup

Dedicated to PSD to WordPress Conversion, Excite Markup is one of the most popular conversion service providers, appreciated by many clients around the globe. Their dedicated developers at Excitemarkup offers error free, quality PSD to WordPress services, according to the clients’ needs.

Dream Studios

Dream Studios is the precise alternative to select for best quality PSD to WordPress Conversion service. They have experienced of more than 13 years in this development field and thus, delivering excellent solution through 125+ experienced programmers.

Wish Info

Wish Info is an India based WordPress development company, offering hand coded and pixel perfect PSD to WordPress Conversion service through expert developers. At Wish Info, WordPress developers and designer serves its clients with perfect PSD to WordPress Solution by converting any format to a WordPress template like JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS,GIF, AI, PDF, BMP, etc.

PSD to many

PSD to many flaunts on their experienced WordPress development team for excellent PSD to WP conversion services. They have experienced of designing SEO Compatible WordPress themes with CSS mark up. PSD to many is better known for providing result-oriented solution within decided timeframe and at budget cost.

Lujayn Infoways

Lujayn Infoways is well known web Development Company, providing assurance of quality service within committed time frame. They have an experienced WordPress development team, who not only develop beautiful site but also apply efforts in PSD to WordPress conversion service.

Hope, hiring above listed companies will help in your WordPress conversion.

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Website For Their Business?

Are you running a small business and thinking why would you need to develop a website? There are numerous small merchants, who think that designing a website sounds like a lot of work.

But the reality is that you small businesses do need a website for their business to run it smoothly and successfully.

Having a website doesn’t mean that you need a long, sturdy and complex website with numerous functionalities. You just need to have a simple yet easy accessing website that has approximately 3 to 5 pages.

You also need to make sure that your website covers all the basic information, including a home page, little information about your company, contact information, services that you offer and testimonials from your pleasant customers.

Below, I have listed some of the benefits of having a website for small business:

Increase Number of Customers

You know that there are lots of businesses that have local popularity; but what about potential ones, who are living outside the city? Have you ever think of those customers, who are outside their city? A website is a great option that can help you in increasing number of customers.

Not just only outside of your city, but across the world as well. We all know that Internet is one such place, where we all can get a global community. Therefore, having a website is extremely beneficial as it can help your business to be visible worldwide.

Gain Credibility

These days, a lot of consumers are using the Internet to search the products and services that they need. Your small business can get huge credibility by having a website. If you don’t one, your potential customers will go to your rival’s site.

In case, if you have a site, ensure that you have it professionally designed and developed that offer your business with incredible image.


No matter how small your business is, but having a website plays an important role in advertising and marketing industry. There are numerous ways to advertise your products and services using the internet.

For instance, Facebook ads – it is an advertising feature that offered from Facebook. SEO is another great example that is the main benefit for your business.

If you hire a professional and experienced SEO professional, he can increase the ranking of your site that instantly results in increased sales and higher profit.


Let me ask one question – Have you ever faced it to turn your customers away due to its time to close? Now, there is no need to close the doors as your website will be opened 24*7.

Most of the people will prefer to look to your website rather than going to your shop because it is more accessible. Ensure that you post sufficient information about your products and services.

Boost Sales

If you are a professional business owner, there are lots of visitors, who lead to more potential sales. This is how your website is going to help you out.

By constantly updating and promoting content of your website, you can boost more number of people to your website. If you make your website more information, the chances are high of boosting sales.


These days, links are extremely important to viral marketing. It will be like spreading the word about your company across the world if you have a lot of websites linking to you.

A lot of people are there, who are more probable to link your website to their, if you are providing a great website with good content. In short, they mean that they identify your website as informative.

Long Term Clients

Do you have an idea about the difference between client and a customer? Let’s discuss about them – a customer is the one, who walks in and purchase anything from your website while a client is your regular customer.

He is the one, who purchases your products and services on a daily basis. By having a site, you can give complete chances to gain more clients that will be helpful for your business grow.


Having a high-end website is extremely beneficial for your customers and leads. You just have to make it extremely simple for your customers to purchase from your site. A lot of people will be more likely to visit your site instead of coming physical to your store.

As per the customers’ point of view, it is good for them that they don’t have to ask anything. They just need to find out that what they are looking for on your online website.

So, these are the benefits of having a website for small businesses. Therefore, it is must for all the small businesses to have a professional looking website that can increase sales and attract more customers.

However, if you have decided to get your own website for your business, ensure that you hire a professional website developer from any trusted web development company.

Want to hire a website developer for your project? Get in touch with us as we will get back to you within 48 hours with a right solution!

10+ Exclusive Things That You Can Do With WordPress Easily

Since its inception, WordPress is one of the best and perfect tools for running a blog and a regular website. Because of its open architecture, this high-end CMS is much more than just a CMS as there are lots of developers worldwide, who are taking this exclusive platform to a new level.
In addition, the users of this wonderful platform can make this platform into something really more than a CMS with themes and plugins. Below, you can find 10+ exclusive things that you can do with WordPress without any hassle.

You can have a close look at what’s more possible with WordPress that will surely inspire you to make use of it in such way that you had not though earlier:


I don’t think so that anybody would have thought about WordPress as forum software. At EngineThemes, they guys have an excellent thing going on. They are capable enough of turning WordPress into a very good forum application with an exclusive theme that known as ForumEngine.

Moreover, it is a customized version of WordPress comments + posts, merged with front-end controls and easy administration. They have huge information on how to make slick designs. You can go through bbPress from the creators of WordPress if you are interested in making use of WordPress as a forum.


Directory is one such theme that you have not imagined WordPress is running the show. Popularly known as directory theme doesn’t only enable users to make attractive homepage, but it also incorporate numerous specific directory features on it’s listing pages.

Amazon Shop

When it comes to combining WordPress with WooCommerce, it makes for a wonderful eCommerce solution. But how do you feel if you can take it as a further step by adding as your supplier. The best thing is that you can begin selling without having your own stock to worry about. Just you will need is the plugin that known as Amazon Shop and an Amazon affiliate account.

Twitter Look-alike

A lot of people know this as a Twitter for WordPress, the P2 theme is the best way to allow short communication in teams as well as companies. It is the theme Automattic use themselves for internal communication.

Because of its online commenting, one can easily post on a topic by which other people can easily respond in a very convenient way. Moreover, there are not a lot of things to do, but the best thing about it is great at doing what it needs to do.

Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking is one of the best themes that called Quality Control, making best use of WordPress functionality by turning it into a wonderful quality control tool. Posts easily become problems and comments become status updates. In addition to this, the theme has an integrated ticket system that can be filtered on priority, milestone or status. Even it enables for assigning tickets to a particular user.

Coupon Website

As we all know that coupon websites are considered as one of the best ways to generate affiliate commissions, delivered you do not use shady tactics to draw in visitors. Clipper is a wonderful theme, made by AppThemes, allowing users to integrate coupon management at an advanced level.

Support Desk

You would a lot of knowledge based themes, but this theme known as SupportPress, it is easily possible for you to have you own ticketing system. Even it comes with capability to allow chat functionality. So, users of this theme can comprise documentation, an integrated forum and FAQs all in one single theme.

Classified Ads

Till today, classified ads are extremely popular, so people can find an excellent classifieds theme that known as ClassiCraft to convert WordPress into a classified ads site without any kind of hassle. Using this high-end theme, users will have the best usability, and enabling for multiple ways of monetizing your website by providing premium ads. It also enables people for showing a map next to every single listing and a contact form.

E-Commerce Site

Now, you can easily monetize your website through WooCommerce that is a fully customizable plugin and provides you the ability to keep track of incoming sales, reviews and stock levels. This is one such plugin that offers payment gateways like PayPal standard, Cash on Delivery and BACS. This plugin is also well-known for handling all your shipping requirements. Mainly, it fully takes care of your online business needs.

Social Network

You know that you can turn WordPress into a fully social networking site. This is considered as the best tool that can help you to reach your niche audience like sports team or company. One can easily do this via BuddyPress. As it allows your visitors to sign-up, post messages and create profiles.

From there, you are capable of using BuddyPress in order to communicate and interact with your audience. More than 330 BuddyPress plugins are there, so one can easily customize it in order to meet your requirements.

Clone Themes

When it comes to talking about clone themes, users can get benefit of cloning a theme which can be used if converting an old WordPress theme or integrating your blog onto an existing website. It is fact that one can be done by using a plugin like ThemeMatcher.

It is very simple to use, so users can enter the input of the address you want to copy, settle on a layout and more. Users do not have to bother about codes, CSS, images or anything.


Membership’s plugins are some of the most popular plugins for WordPress. It is an easy to combine it with various membership levels due to WordPress’ convenient user system. There are some of the payment options to it, so you can start selling memberships.

In addition to this, this plugin named S2Member can easily protect your while website or also enable for pay-per-article. This one is obtainable for free unlike other themes.

So, these are the top 10+ things that can be easily performed with WordPress that one can easily do. Moreover, if you are looking forward to having a WordPress based website for your business, you can hire a professional WordPress developer from any trusted WordPress development company.

2015’s Top 12 Social Media Tools For eCommerce Businesses

Are you running an eCommerce business? If yes, it is must for you to have a successful social media presence as businesses need to build a community around its brand as well as products.

Through social media presence, you can listen to your customers’ review, what competitors and the rest of the social community think about your business.

There are lots of people, who have searched for social media tools in order to get huge help in measuring, analyzing and creating reports, which show a company’s engagement level. Whenever you choose any tool for your business, ensure that it best meets your requirements.

Today, you can find a lot of paid tools that can provide you with some sort of trial, so that you can try them before you spend your money on them. To make your work simple, here you can find a complete list of tools that are obtainable to social marketers with a brief description of the features they provide.

From below given list, some of the tools are highly customizable dashboards through which a marketer can manage multiple social media accounts and respond social networks with just one single click. While remaining are simple tools that offer the right amount of functionality for a new marketer.


As we all know that the important element of effective social media engagement is listening – you can constantly monitor the conversions about your products, brand, services or industry. Today, you would find a lot of tools that do this job for you, but most of them need a paid monthly subscription.

SocialMention is a free tool that handles a job of converting the total of the social media universe. This tool is known for pulling data from social networks, forums, microblogs, blogs, social networking sites and multimedia (video and images).

Through this tool, business owners can get help in gauging the influence of their brands and effectiveness of their engagement efforts.

Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a completely best tool for recognizing and engaging with potential customers. This high-end quality tool has agreed for Viralheat in order to take over its website and services. Argyle Social also has a reporting ability and keyword monitoring.

Being a highly scalable tool, it is specifically designed to provide social ROI through actionable social data analysis and lead identification. When it comes to Viralheat, it is a social media analytics and management platform.

Users of this tool can easily monitor conversations, publish and schedule updates, bring presentation-ready reports. So, eCommerce businesses of different industries can use this social media tool that help in identifying and engaging with potential customers.


Roost is a publishing tool that allows users to set-up multiple social network accounts and chooses to which of those accounts I have to publish at any given time. Unlike SocialMention and HootSuite, Roost is a great publishing tool that helps users to develop either single posts or set-up a series called campaigns.

The calendar view option of this tool allows everyone to see at a glance like how many posts I have scheduled for a given time – day, week or month.

As an alternative to develop original content, roost is one such tool that offers a library of suggested content pulled from blogs and other websites that based on different categories like humor, travel, news and food.


Buffer is a great application that enables a company to manage postings in multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is one of the best ways to load links into the application at once. It posts them throughout the day, so you don’t have to.

No matter whether you are looking to share a link, text, picture or any video, you just have to add it to your Buffer. Any update can also be posted inside the application. Throughout the day to post your favorite social networks, your updates will be automatically scheduled and spaced-out.


Are you looking for a comprehensive tool? Postling is a perfect tool that fits in needs of businesses. Users can easily use this high-end publishing tool that is similar to Roost, but also have the capability to see interactions from Facebook Fans and Twitter followers.

Moreover, users can also use it as listening tool like SocialMention by inputting keywords. Postling facilitate integration with different platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress and TypePad.

Being an affordable tool, this tool is used by a lot of people and the price starts at $1.00 for the first 30 days, then $3.00 per month afterward for each social network used.


HootSuite comes with a simple user interface that makes posting easy. Using this high-end tool, it becomes easy for you to post on Twitter and other social networking websites.

Users of this tool can set-up multiple social network accounts and customize the dashboard that best meet their requirements in terms of data displayed like Facebook status updates and tweets. The pricing of this tool starts at $5.99 per month, so one can assign multiple administrators to manage the accounts.

Moreover, it also enables users to schedule updates, attach images or other document file types and selecting privacy settings for social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to control who sees the posts.


Crowdbooster is one such tool that can be used for analyzing how each post on social networks performs. This tool offers you recommendations for how to improve social platforms and develop more engagement with an audience.

Today, it is one of the best eCommerce social media tools that provide real-time data that is always up-to-date, instantly report your key performance metrics and share them with your dashboard.

Through this tool, you can get recommendation for the best time for you when you can get the most engagement out of your followers and fans.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts, an amazing and feature-rich tool, offers instant or daily updates of relevant Google search results based on your keywords. You can easily monitor the web for interesting news content, alert suggestions and more.

Once you sign-up for alerts you can get email notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic that you are interested in. For instance – you can get updates about a product you like as you can also find out when people are posting their content about you on the web.


Klout is a great tool that helps users to find what your internet influencer scores is such as online credit score for a business. It can be used only for individuals, but savvy businesses learned how to change for business.

Recently launched Klout enables businesses to see who their influencers are and gives tips and tricks to engaging with them to help increase a profile.

Sprout Social

Sprout’s collaborative platform makes sure scalable, faster and more efficient social communications. It is a great business monitoring tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare especially where individuals work together with brands.

Moreover, it also comes with features that allow for content management, insight into competition, lead generation and social analytics. You can also find a lot of opportunities to engage and join social conversations.


Talkwalker is a social reporting tool, which scans social networks and the internet to monitor your brand and its competition. The tool also comes with integrated features, which enable people to monitor social campaigns, customer service requirements and other types of market research. Using this tool is extremely easy as you just need set-up in just 3 clicks and 10 seconds. You can analyze your social media reputation in a real-time.


Vocus is a marketing and analytics platform, enabling users to incorporate all their marketing efforts – email, PR, search and more. Now, businesses of different industries can analyze their data, engage with potential customers and retain current customers.

So, these are top 12 eCommerce social media tools that can help businesses in measuring, creating and analyzing reports that show a company’s engagement level.

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6 Easy Ways to Offer Incredible Customer Service For eCommerce

In the recent time, eCommerce industry has gained huge popularity in the market as most of the businessmen are looking forward for turning their brick-and-mortar store into an online store where they can sell a comprehensive range of products and services.

We all know that eCommerce is one such industry where exceptional customer service plays a crucial role to make one’s business successful. No matter whether you are running a big or small online store, it is must to deliver an outstanding quality customer service so that your customers feel wow! and become your potential customers.

Lots of visitors may be wary of purchasing from you if you are a smaller eCommerce company. However, it is your job as an eCommerce company that you help your customers to overcome their problems and queries.

Today, we are going to discuss on how to provide an exceptional yet best customer’s service to your eCommerce customers so that they become your potential customers and visit your website again and again:

1. Provide Multi-Channel Support

Today, when it comes to multi-channel support, it doesn’t mean snail mail or fax machines as support channels. But a multi-channel support comprises some combination of traditional phone, live chat support and email along with social media and self-service offerings.

Now, you can find a lot of customers, who are regularly making use of more than one channel support. In reality, 9 out of 10 customers are expecting to receive a consistent experience over multiple customer contact channels.

We all know that customer service is not a one size fits all as different people prefer different methods of support.

So, you should provide a multi-channel support to your customers by learning the major benefits of a multi-channel strategy and determining that which channels your customers will prefer more. Ensure that you always make the most of your multi-channel support.

2. Listen to Your Customers on Social Media

A great yet effective way of using social media as well as customer service is to listen to your customers and their problems. You should treat every single piece of information as a gift as that’s just what it is. From the people, who matters a lot like your precious customers, you are getting valuable imminent straight.

However, lots of eCommerce companies think that why it is important to listen to customers on social media? Well, the answer is simple – customers are longing human interaction and they are basing their purchasing decisions that companies care about their customers.

Currently, more than 78% of customers believe that social media will be the next tier of customer service. Moreover, 46% of online customers are expecting brads to offer customer service on Facebook and 88% of customers are less probable to purchase from companies, who leave social media complaints unanswered.

3. Track All Customers’ Interaction

It is highly important for all the eCommerce businesses to track customer interactions so that they can provide timely answers and services. If you are running an eCommerce business and wanted to deliver an outstanding quality customer service to your customers, you should track customer interactions regularly like call capturing, logging, analyzing and escalating.

By tracking all customer interactions, you can reduce wasted time for both your agents as well as customers. Moreover, it also eradicates confusion for your support agents as customers interact with a company through multiple channels. However, it will also expand good relationships with your company.

4. Make Sure to Have a Support Center for Customers

No matter whether you are running a small and big eCommerce business, it is must for you to have a support center for your customers so that you can respond quickly to your customers’ queries and problems.

You can also promote long-lasting relationships of trust with the support center and also resolve any query that your customers may have.

You know that approximately 90% of customers prefer to visit a company’s website before calling or emailing, so creating a support center for customers to self-serve.

5. Provide Online Chat

You know that online chat plays a very significant role in delivering completely best customer service to your customers. As with online chat system, customers can get quick access to help. Here, the wait time is much less as compare to a call center, so most of the customers prefer to have live chat discussion over products and services.

Live chat is a completely great tool for serving your customers as it can lead to happier customers and boost conversions. According to reports, more than 77% of customers agreed that online chat absolutely influenced their attitude about the retailer.

6. Give a Wow & Incredible Experience

Last, but not least is you should provide your customers a wow and incredible experience as it really encompasses various things. To give wow experience to your customers, it is must you do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. You always have to serve your customers beyond their expectations as it can surprise them and make them happy.

Moreover, you ensure that whatever you do it must have an emotional impact on the receiver. You should not consider yourself an average company, so your service is also not average. Here, we always wanted to look our customers happy and pleasant. We always try to make them feel wow by delivering quality services.

So, these are some simple ways to provide a better customer service to your eCommerce customers by which they can get a pleasant experience that they will never forget. Moreover, if you are looking to get more information on eCommerce and its related solution, keep visiting our blog as here we cover top stories of eCommerce.

5 Statistics That Reveals E-Commerce Marketing Approach in 2015

Do you know who shops online?

The simple answer is everyone.

Nearly every U.S. retail category like electronics, clothing, cosmetics, etc. has been pervaded by eCommerce. As everything available online, it is must to improve marketing approach by collection the most effective eCommerce stats.

Here, in this post, we have collected some statistics from Visual Website Optimizer that gives you an idea about better marketing.

How to Attract, Convert & Retarget Your Visitors?


About 54% Shoppers will purchase retargeted products, if offered at discounted rates.

With above given graph, we come to know that carts are not abandoned forever, there is potential for marketers to get back their lost sales.

Free Shipping Threshold

Approximate 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more amount to be eligible for free shipping.

Looking at this graph, one can easily find an opportunity for online stores to increase their average order value by offering free shipping facility at an entrance that is much more than the present average order value.


Among 100% shoppers, 55% find reviews are essential for making purchase decisions.

There are many online shoppers want to know what other purchasers have thought about the product and their experience about the brand before making purchase for themselves.


About 55% shoppers are indifferent to tailored offers

According to the given data, a majority of shoppers are still indifferent to tailored offers even if delivering customers a personalized option expected to be the future of online shopping.

Why Shopping Carts are dumped by Visitors?

Cart Abandonment

About 28% of shoppers abandon carts due to surprising shipping charges

It is advisable to declare the shipping cost upfront and provide ‘Guest Check out’ option to minimize cart abandonments. As it is the two main reasons of shoppers abandon.

Significant lost revenue is represented by abandoned carts for online merchants. Here we have three different options that help to minimize abandoned carts:

- Enhance search functionality

- Add interactive tools that helps shopper in their purchasing decision.

- Provide shipping policies and estimations in the checkout process.

Shoppers can use recovery tools for remarketing, if carts do get abandoned. Using of proper tools and have a thoughtful approach helps to increase conversions from abandoned carts to sales.


Ensure to be clear and open about shipping charges.

It is fact that shopping cart abandonment is surely going to happen. However, you don’t have to accept that 28% of your users will abandon shopping cart when you are doing something.

It is true that sometimes you have to charge shipping cost. In that case, inform your users about the cost. Initial stage, you might lose your users, but at last, your conversion ratio remains increase as you will be true to your shoppers.

The best way to inform your users about shipping charges is to provide a “calculate shipping” option. It gives them an idea about that they have to pay something for shipping.

Creating a New User Account kills Conversions

According to statistic, about 23% of shopping will leave shopping cart, if they have to create a new user account. There are many users that don’t want to create account for making purchases.

When online merchants force users to create account they leave their shopping cart and thus, conversion ratio becomes decreases. It would be great to have ‘Guest Checkouts’ rather than having few extra membership signups.

It is advisable to avoid declining customers as they don’t create a new account. Rather than, provide an easy way to provide checkout facility without the problem of a membership creation.

For example: In below given image, you have found three different options, i.e. PayPal checkout, Member checkout and Guest checkout.

Don’t force your customers to join your website by creating permanent account as it results into low conversion.

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Social is the Most effective eCommerce Asset

According to research, about 53% of purchasers say that their purchase decisions are informed by Facebook.

There are many marketers using Facebook to grab more attention of new customers by retargeting products, running paid campaigns and so on.

Understand Mobile Users

About 53% of shoppers are making purchase through a shopping application on their smart device.

The age-group and number of shopping app downloads for smart device is related to each other.

According to the graph, consumers, who are belonging to younger age group, are shopping more through application compare to over 35 years.

Wrapping Text:

About 60% to 80% users abandon eCommerce shopping carts, according to different survey findings.

If you want better conversion rates then it is advisable to adopt new marketing approach by considering above given statistics and data-driven techniques.