5 Statistics That Reveals E-Commerce Marketing Approach in 2015




Do you know who shops online?

The simple answer is everyone.

Nearly every U.S. retail category like electronics, clothing, cosmetics, etc. has been pervaded by eCommerce. As everything available online, it is must to improve marketing approach by collection the most effective eCommerce stats.

Here, in this post, we have collected some statistics from Visual Website Optimizer that gives you an idea about better marketing.

How to Attract, Convert & Retarget Your Visitors?


About 54% Shoppers will purchase retargeted products, if offered at discounted rates.

With above given graph, we come to know that carts are not abandoned forever, there is potential for marketers to get back their lost sales.

Free Shipping Threshold

Approximate 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more amount to be eligible for free shipping.

Looking at this graph, one can easily find an opportunity for online stores to increase their average order value by offering free shipping facility at an entrance that is much more than the present average order value.


Among 100% shoppers, 55% find reviews are essential for making purchase decisions.

There are many online shoppers want to know what other purchasers have thought about the product and their experience about the brand before making purchase for themselves.


About 55% shoppers are indifferent to tailored offers

According to the given data, a majority of shoppers are still indifferent to tailored offers even if delivering customers a personalized option expected to be the future of online shopping.

Why Shopping Carts are dumped by Visitors?

Cart Abandonment

About 28% of shoppers abandon carts due to surprising shipping charges

It is advisable to declare the shipping cost upfront and provide ‘Guest Check out’ option to minimize cart abandonments. As it is the two main reasons of shoppers abandon.

Significant lost revenue is represented by abandoned carts for online merchants. Here we have three different options that help to minimize abandoned carts:

- Enhance search functionality

- Add interactive tools that helps shopper in their purchasing decision.

- Provide shipping policies and estimations in the checkout process.

Shoppers can use recovery tools for remarketing, if carts do get abandoned. Using of proper tools and have a thoughtful approach helps to increase conversions from abandoned carts to sales.


Ensure to be clear and open about shipping charges.

It is fact that shopping cart abandonment is surely going to happen. However, you don’t have to accept that 28% of your users will abandon shopping cart when you are doing something.

It is true that sometimes you have to charge shipping cost. In that case, inform your users about the cost. Initial stage, you might lose your users, but at last, your conversion ratio remains increase as you will be true to your shoppers.

The best way to inform your users about shipping charges is to provide a “calculate shipping” option. It gives them an idea about that they have to pay something for shipping.

Creating a New User Account kills Conversions

According to statistic, about 23% of shopping will leave shopping cart, if they have to create a new user account. There are many users that don’t want to create account for making purchases.

When online merchants force users to create account they leave their shopping cart and thus, conversion ratio becomes decreases. It would be great to have ‘Guest Checkouts’ rather than having few extra membership signups.

It is advisable to avoid declining customers as they don’t create a new account. Rather than, provide an easy way to provide checkout facility without the problem of a membership creation.

For example: In below given image, you have found three different options, i.e. PayPal checkout, Member checkout and Guest checkout.

Don’t force your customers to join your website by creating permanent account as it results into low conversion.

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Social is the Most effective eCommerce Asset

According to research, about 53% of purchasers say that their purchase decisions are informed by Facebook.

There are many marketers using Facebook to grab more attention of new customers by retargeting products, running paid campaigns and so on.

Understand Mobile Users

About 53% of shoppers are making purchase through a shopping application on their smart device.

The age-group and number of shopping app downloads for smart device is related to each other.

According to the graph, consumers, who are belonging to younger age group, are shopping more through application compare to over 35 years.

Wrapping Text:

About 60% to 80% users abandon eCommerce shopping carts, according to different survey findings.

If you want better conversion rates then it is advisable to adopt new marketing approach by considering above given statistics and data-driven techniques.

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