2015’s Top 12 Social Media Tools For eCommerce Businesses




Are you running an eCommerce business? If yes, it is must for you to have a successful social media presence as businesses need to build a community around its brand as well as products.

Through social media presence, you can listen to your customers’ review, what competitors and the rest of the social community think about your business.

There are lots of people, who have searched for social media tools in order to get huge help in measuring, analyzing and creating reports, which show a company’s engagement level. Whenever you choose any tool for your business, ensure that it best meets your requirements.

Today, you can find a lot of paid tools that can provide you with some sort of trial, so that you can try them before you spend your money on them. To make your work simple, here you can find a complete list of tools that are obtainable to social marketers with a brief description of the features they provide.

From below given list, some of the tools are highly customizable dashboards through which a marketer can manage multiple social media accounts and respond social networks with just one single click. While remaining are simple tools that offer the right amount of functionality for a new marketer.


As we all know that the important element of effective social media engagement is listening – you can constantly monitor the conversions about your products, brand, services or industry. Today, you would find a lot of tools that do this job for you, but most of them need a paid monthly subscription.

SocialMention is a free tool that handles a job of converting the total of the social media universe. This tool is known for pulling data from social networks, forums, microblogs, blogs, social networking sites and multimedia (video and images).

Through this tool, business owners can get help in gauging the influence of their brands and effectiveness of their engagement efforts.

Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a completely best tool for recognizing and engaging with potential customers. This high-end quality tool has agreed for Viralheat in order to take over its website and services. Argyle Social also has a reporting ability and keyword monitoring.

Being a highly scalable tool, it is specifically designed to provide social ROI through actionable social data analysis and lead identification. When it comes to Viralheat, it is a social media analytics and management platform.

Users of this tool can easily monitor conversations, publish and schedule updates, bring presentation-ready reports. So, eCommerce businesses of different industries can use this social media tool that help in identifying and engaging with potential customers.


Roost is a publishing tool that allows users to set-up multiple social network accounts and chooses to which of those accounts I have to publish at any given time. Unlike SocialMention and HootSuite, Roost is a great publishing tool that helps users to develop either single posts or set-up a series called campaigns.

The calendar view option of this tool allows everyone to see at a glance like how many posts I have scheduled for a given time – day, week or month.

As an alternative to develop original content, roost is one such tool that offers a library of suggested content pulled from blogs and other websites that based on different categories like humor, travel, news and food.


Buffer is a great application that enables a company to manage postings in multiple accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is one of the best ways to load links into the application at once. It posts them throughout the day, so you don’t have to.

No matter whether you are looking to share a link, text, picture or any video, you just have to add it to your Buffer. Any update can also be posted inside the application. Throughout the day to post your favorite social networks, your updates will be automatically scheduled and spaced-out.


Are you looking for a comprehensive tool? Postling is a perfect tool that fits in needs of businesses. Users can easily use this high-end publishing tool that is similar to Roost, but also have the capability to see interactions from Facebook Fans and Twitter followers.

Moreover, users can also use it as listening tool like SocialMention by inputting keywords. Postling facilitate integration with different platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress and TypePad.

Being an affordable tool, this tool is used by a lot of people and the price starts at $1.00 for the first 30 days, then $3.00 per month afterward for each social network used.


HootSuite comes with a simple user interface that makes posting easy. Using this high-end tool, it becomes easy for you to post on Twitter and other social networking websites.

Users of this tool can set-up multiple social network accounts and customize the dashboard that best meet their requirements in terms of data displayed like Facebook status updates and tweets. The pricing of this tool starts at $5.99 per month, so one can assign multiple administrators to manage the accounts.

Moreover, it also enables users to schedule updates, attach images or other document file types and selecting privacy settings for social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to control who sees the posts.


Crowdbooster is one such tool that can be used for analyzing how each post on social networks performs. This tool offers you recommendations for how to improve social platforms and develop more engagement with an audience.

Today, it is one of the best eCommerce social media tools that provide real-time data that is always up-to-date, instantly report your key performance metrics and share them with your dashboard.

Through this tool, you can get recommendation for the best time for you when you can get the most engagement out of your followers and fans.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts, an amazing and feature-rich tool, offers instant or daily updates of relevant Google search results based on your keywords. You can easily monitor the web for interesting news content, alert suggestions and more.

Once you sign-up for alerts you can get email notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic that you are interested in. For instance – you can get updates about a product you like as you can also find out when people are posting their content about you on the web.


Klout is a great tool that helps users to find what your internet influencer scores is such as online credit score for a business. It can be used only for individuals, but savvy businesses learned how to change for business.

Recently launched Klout enables businesses to see who their influencers are and gives tips and tricks to engaging with them to help increase a profile.

Sprout Social

Sprout’s collaborative platform makes sure scalable, faster and more efficient social communications. It is a great business monitoring tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare especially where individuals work together with brands.

Moreover, it also comes with features that allow for content management, insight into competition, lead generation and social analytics. You can also find a lot of opportunities to engage and join social conversations.


Talkwalker is a social reporting tool, which scans social networks and the internet to monitor your brand and its competition. The tool also comes with integrated features, which enable people to monitor social campaigns, customer service requirements and other types of market research. Using this tool is extremely easy as you just need set-up in just 3 clicks and 10 seconds. You can analyze your social media reputation in a real-time.


Vocus is a marketing and analytics platform, enabling users to incorporate all their marketing efforts – email, PR, search and more. Now, businesses of different industries can analyze their data, engage with potential customers and retain current customers.

So, these are top 12 eCommerce social media tools that can help businesses in measuring, creating and analyzing reports that show a company’s engagement level.

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