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We all know that learn coding is not child’s play as it needs some special expertise and skills that make us capable code intelligently. There are lots of people worldwide, who are looking for learning the best programming languages in order to get started with application development and some other wonderful tasks.

Online code learning websites comparison chart

It doesn’t matter what your age or experience is, you can find plethora of tools and technologies that help you to get started and refine your programming chops. To make learning code easier, here I have listed a comparison chart that can help you to choose the best code teaching website as per your need.

Have a look the comparison chart to get a bird’s eye view of all these awesome places to learn how to code.

Choose The Best Fitted You
No Name/Website Courses Features Pricing Difficulty
1 Codecademy HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, API Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free Easy – Intermediate
2 Develop PHP HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL Videos, Tutorials Free Easy – Hard
3 Code Avengers HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Note Free Easy
4 The Code Player HTML5, CSS3, Javascript Videos, Source Code, Code Interpreter Free Intermediate – Hard
5 Code HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Discussion Free Easy – Intermediate
6 Code School HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum Free, $25/month Intermediate – Hard
7 Codepen jQuery, CSS, HTML Code Interpreter, Discussion Free Easy – Hard
8 Khan Academy Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User Interaction Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Discussion Free Easy – Intermediate
9 Programmr Android, iOS, jQuery, J2EE, Flash, PhoneGap Project, Contest Participation Free, Signup Need Intermediate – Nightmare
10 Treehouse HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, Database Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free, $25/month, $49/month Easy – Hard
11 Talent Buddy C, C#, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby Code Interpreter, Mobile App Free, Signup Need Intermediate – Hard
12 LearnStreet HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Forum Free Easy
13 Udacity Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AI Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver, Forum Free Intermediate – Nightmare
14 CodeHS Problem Solving, JavaScript, Animation, Game Programming Code Interpreter, Screencast, Progress Saver Free, $25/month, $75/month Easy – Intermediate
15 Scratch Visual Programming Visual Editor, Project, Forum Free Easy
16 HTML5 Rocks HTML5 Blogs Online, Tutorials Free Hard
17 SQLZOO SQL Code Interpreter Free Easy – Hard
18 Mozila Developer Network HTML, CSS, Javascript Tutorials, Demos, Discussion Free Easy – Hard
19 Learneroo Java, Loops, Strings and Array Tutorials, Discussion Free Easy
20 Koding Hack Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C, Python, etc. Code Interpreter, Discussion $19 to $99/Month Intermediate – Nightmare
21 Plural Sight Ruby, HTML5, iOS, Javascript Code Interpreter, Videos Free, Signup Need Easy – Hard
22 The New Boston Ajax, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby Videos Free Easy – Hard
23 Udemy HTML5, Java, etc.. Tutorials, Videos Free / Paid Easy – Hard
24 Coursera C++, C#, Python, Java, or Ruby Lecture System Free Easy – Intermediate
25 Learn Python the Hardway Python Videos, Discussion $29.95 Hard
26 Lynda WordPress, jQuery, CSS, HTML, PHP Videos, Code Interpreter, Free & Paid Intermediate – Nightmare
27 Coder Dojo How To Code, Develop Websites, Apps, Programs, Games Tutorials, Videos Free Easy – Intermediate
28 P2PU2 School of Webcraft WordPress, jQuery, CSS, HTML, PHP Communities, Webinars Free Easy – Hard
29 Dev Opera Important Bits of coding languages Discussion Free Hard
30 W3C jQuery, CSS, HTML Tutorials Easy – Hard
31 Bloc iOS, Android, UX Videos, Code Interpreter, Paid Intermediate – Nightmare
32 How to Code WordPress, jQuery, CSS, HTML, PHP Videos, Discussion Free Easy – Hard
33 Developers Google WordPress, jQuery, CSS, HTML, PHP, Mobile Videos, Discussion Free Easy – Hard
34 Learnable HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile Videos, Discussion Free Easy – Intermediate
35 Bento Box HTML & CSS, Git, Flask, Bootstrap, Heroku, etc.. Collections, Tutorials Free Easy – Intermediate
36 Try Git Git Octobox Free Easy – Intermediate

I hope above mentioned comparison chart of best websites from where you can easily learn without any hassle and helps you a lot in coding. If we have missed any website, feel free to share it with us by commenting below!

Your experiences for any of these listed websites are highly appreciated. So don't hesitate to discuss.

Picture: Michael Himbeault/Flickr


  1. You can add as a Git course


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